Financial Services

Financial sector companies can use Phaeton for instant payments and transfers anywhere in the world.The sidechains enable the enterprises to have full control over their data and at the same time utilizing public blockchain offerings.

Enterprise level DApps

Enterprises can create their DApps using JS based smart contracts running on phaeton. The privacy is maintained for the enterprise data inside their side chains.

Creating your own payment gateway

Companies can create their own payment gateways and processors using Phaeton and accept their own currencies along with Phaeton’s PLKX. Mobile applications can also be created using phaeton

Launching your own token

Phaeton allows businesses to launch their own token on the public blockchain without the need to spend hundreds thousands of dollars to host multiple nodes. The token can be traded and transactions can be done. Phaeton will provide a UI for business and a 1-click process for creation of tokens.

Storing health records

With help of Phaeton blockchain, the medical industry can utilize benefits of blockchain, mainly the prevention from alteration of health & medical records. PLAAK aims to provide an easy interface for this by the help of it’s healthcare application.

Automation of health chain

Phaeton promotes automotion of health chain by using blockchain. Medical institutes and hospitals can create apps for utilizing phaeton blockchain for their unique health chain requirements

Medical bill payments

PLKX can be used for paying medical bills through web & mobile based applications. Hospitals and other medical organisations can create their own payment gateways to accept PLKX or their custom tokens created in Phaeton. Phaeton provides full transparency of payments.

Secure Messaging

Phaeton allows encryption of data. Messages can be stored as an encrypted form and sent through internal transactions in the blockchain. Data cannot be hacked and thus messages are secured.

Secure KYC data

One of the Phaeton’s plus point is that it uses Blake2b for transactional hashing. Utilizing this feature, the user KYC documents can be secured in form of hashes, which can be decrypted later using blockchain user’s private key. Organisations can create KYC verification applications using Phaeton and focus on the user interface as Phaeton has covered the more important- security part.


With Phaeton, you can make your product unforgeable by putting a complete record of origin and chain of custody in the blockchain. It’s useful for property records, vehicles, art, and any high value or branded goods. Records can also include useful information about repairs and upgrades, something no certificate of authenticity can do itself.

Certificate Issuance

Phaeton data management tools will be perfect for public and private record keeping. Professional records and certificates can be securely kept on the blockchain. Phaeton will let you easily create and store certificates on blockchain using 1-click blockchain deployment.

Corporate Compliance

Corporations are required to keep records of compliance with laws and industry regulations. This includes things like employee harassment training, safety inspections, employee certifications, background checks, equipment maintenance, and accident reports. Maintaining and auditing these records have high costs but losing them can expose the company to legal risks.. Many companies still keep paper records as backups for all these reasons.

Once a record is entered into the Phaeton blockchain it’s there permanently, timestamped, with a record of who filed it and a complete history of any changes. Strong encryption keeps sensitive data confidential.

Land Registry

The Phaeton blockchain is ideal for tracking land and property ownership and rights. Whether you are an owner, leaseholder, government representative, mortgage holder, escrow service, or broker, you can access all registered information in one place, including a complete chain of custody, inspections, tax valuations, liens, environmental liabilities, and everything else needed for real estate transactions.