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Blockchain 3.0 Platform

Phaeton uses PLKX as it's internal currency. PLKX is built for independent payments and not only limited to use for DApp transaction fees in sidechains for medium & large scale enterprises.

What is Phaeton

Phaeton is a decentralized public blockchain featuring hyper fast transactions and side chains. PLKX is Phaeton’s coin used for all transactions. PLAAK is building the blockchain to solve the issues of scalability, speed & cost optimisation. The phaeton blockchain is targeted for medium - large scale enterprises along with individual open-source developers who can utilize the API and create dapps. The blockchain uses the delegated proof of stake (dPOS) in which any user can be a delegate by paying a monthly fee.

Hyper Fast

The blockchain is created to optimise the scalability and speed together allowing PLAAK to have a block time of 1 second.

Full Smart Contracts

Phaeton blockchain uses side chains which help with scalability and allowing the main chain to be nearly independent of side chain transactions. Side chains run DApps & smart contracts (under development).

Highly Scalable

Phaeton blockchain supports unlimited tps. Being already tested for 1 million tps makes Phaeton one of the fastest blockchains in the world.

Public-Enterprise Grade

Phaeton is a public blockchain. Every user can join and become a delegate and can openly contest in voting. The blockchain is much more decentralized & federative.

All-in-One Blockchain Solution

Developer Friendly Blockchain

We are developing an ecosystem which consists of registering and managing DApps, on top of our core blockchain application platform is to involve creating a beautifully designed interface with an exceptional user experience which will help a lot of business to be there backbone and single point of authentication for any type of need, as one-stop-shop. Each DApp will run on a separate sidechain. Easily code and deploy the side chain DApps using PLAAK SDS. Each DApp will optionally have their own token.

Phaeton main chain is the blockchain that will secure all of the side chains and process their transactions. The side chains have checkpoints with the main chain for transferring data bi-directionally. The Mainchain has highly scalable block sizes to process a range of transactions. The Mainchain is run by delegate nodes, which go through a delegate round through which one of the delegates get a chance of adding their blocks to the main chain. Each addition of a block accompanies validation by other nodes. The DPOS consensus allows the master nodes to stake PLKX & gets the profit in return by voting for delegates. The main chain is a consortium blockchain where the master nodes system is public and allows free vote in a federative model.

Side chaining is actually a coin at our platform that allows the user to use cryptocurrencies at different DApps in our ecosystem. To get the most out of your sidechain, integrate coin, so it can be used to pay for the side chain functionalities and associated fees. Your community will also benefit from your cryptocurrencies, no longer needing to hold multiple tokens or cryptocurrencies to use the sidechain you’ve been working so hard on. The Side chain nodes earn PLKX other side chain tokens on verifying their blocks as a part of SVN consensus.

Our Project's Roadmap

Q3 2018

Development of Phaeton blockchain, consensus, economics design, creation of coin & deployment of blockchain.

OCT 1 2018

Release of Phaeton blockchain to public, Phaeton web explorer & web wallet along with the landing pages.

Q4 2018

Design of new staking protocol with transaction fee. Web wallet integration with PLAAK exchange to purchase PLKX coins

Q2 2019

Development of Phaeton smart contracts and side chain network Dapp creation API release.

Plaak Phaeton Solutions

On the PLAAK Phaeton platform you can create and execute decentralized
applications with any specific features of your business.

Decentralized Data

Storing everything in blockchain is the simplest solution. Currently most of the simple decentralized applications work exactly this way. The immutability is the strength of blockchain that gives it high robustness but it is a weakness for data storage. With PLAAK’s High volume of transactions per second we are making it possible to store all kinds of data.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts help you exchange money, property, shares, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman. Phaeton offers simple to write smart contracts using a JAVA like system.

Issuance of Financial Assets

Easily create your tokens with a click of a button. Issuance of various financial assets on the blockchain: bonds, obligations, letters of credit, shares, certificates, cryptocurrencies, derivatives, tokens, etc. Also crowdfunding and ICO's. As well as payments and internal cryptocurrency.


Crypto Payments

Use PLAAK Phaeton API and easily integrate the coin payment gateway on your applications and carry out cross-border payments.

Download Wallet

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Main Industries

Here are the main industries that will use blockchain in their business processes


Creating a wallet is as easy as logging into your web wallet application and register as a user. From there you will be given a public address and your passphrase, Enabling you to send and receive funds.
For all PLKX related transfers within the PLAAK Ecosystem fees will be capped at $0.01 USD or AUD per transaction no matter how much you are sending or receiving. These fees are separate to our exchange fees.
PLKX is the currency that is used to send and receive payments for goods and services within the PLAAK Ecosystem. Customers using the Freelance App will be able to pay contractors or purchase decentralized goods from our E-market App, as well as a range of other applications. PLKX is also used for transaction fees throughout the Ecosystem at a small, capped rate per transaction.
PLKX is available for purchase on the PLAAK Exchange and is available to trade across all listed pairs. We are offering our US and Japanese customers an OTC option soon.
We will be holding a swap from PLK to PLKX with a ratio of 1:5. Please get in touch with us should you require further information.

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